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Leading Platform for University Entrepreneurship

StartupTree provides the easiest way to manage, track, and support founders and startups in your network. The only proven solution to effectively collect data and metrics surrounding your program.

Launch your own StartupTree Entrepreneurship Relationship Management™ (ERM) solution to break down silos and increase collaboration around entrepreneurship. With StartupTree, it’s possible to grow your community for long-lasting impact.

We’re the only proven solution to effectively collect data and metrics surrounding your program.


StartupTree was founded with the mission to provide every college and university with the tools to grow their entrepreneurship programs.


In the process, we are creating a supportive community of mentors and alumni where students learn to succeed with their businesses.


StartupTree believes that students at colleges and universities of all sizes should be provided the resources to adapt to today's entrepreneurial world.

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Dr. Shawn M. Clark
Director, Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Penn State University

"After carefully searching for and reviewing competing platforms, Penn State's University Park campus selected StartupTree as the enterprise-wide solution for tracking, managing, and supporting its entrepreneurial ecosystem. The comprehensive nature of the software, ease of use, and excellent customer service of the StartupTree leadership team were key reasons for the decision."

Zach Shulman
Director of Entrepreneurship
Cornell University

"StartupTree is enabling Cornell University to maximize the effectiveness of our Entrepreneurship Program. I would highly recommend the service to any of my colleagues running entrepreneurship programs at their respective universities."

Garret Westlake
Associate Dean of Student Entrepreneurship
Arizona State University

"Because ASU is committed to embedding entrepreneurship into the college experience of every ASU student, tracking the effectiveness of all our programs can in itself be a full-time job. Using StartupTree allows my team to focus on the growth of our programs while students and venture programs update their progress on StartupTree."

Luis E. Martinez, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Trinity University

"We need a way of effectively connecting our alumni mentors with our current students. StartupTree not only helps us make those connections but also increases the visibility and accessibility of our entrepreneurship activities to all stakeholders. We are leveraging StartupTree Launch and StartupTree Dashboard to grow our community and track metrics as the Trinity University’s Entrepreneurship Center moves into the next stages of growth."

Dan Cohen
Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Wake Forest University

"StartupTree is the glue that holds our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem together. It helps us make vital connections and keep track of data that is crucial to our decision making."

Debi Kleiman
Executive Director, Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship
Babson College

“StartupTree has been amazing to work with - they hustle, they’re smart and they really understand how to make a great tech product. It shows most in their deep knowledge about what all the stakeholders in a system like this need, not just one angle of the entrepreneurship center.”

Neil Kane
Director, Undergraduate Entrepreneurship
Michigan State University

“Effectively engaging alumni networks and ushering current entrepreneurship students into the network as they graduate, so that they can help pay it forward to the students coming up behind them, is the holy grail of entrepreneurship programs. We at MSU have selected StartupTree as the tool we’re using to light up this capability.”

Ray DePaul
Director, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Mount Royal University

“We're looking forward to leveraging StartupTree Mentorship to scale our mentoring program in the most effective, sustainable way. Using a system designed specifically for eship mentorship will allow us to make our mentors more accessible to students and facilitate more meetings. All the while gaining insights into the notes and goals shared by mentors automatically.”

Dale Eesley
Director, UNO Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Franchising
University of Nebraska Omaha

"UNO is looking to bring together the greater Omaha entrepreneurship community on our StartupTree platform. By starting to keep track of the data on our startups and participants, we will be able to better position our Center for additional funding and future growth."

Graham Henshaw
Executive Director, Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center
College of William and Mary

"Amazing. I was just in the process of creating a Resource site and you've got that covered! Glad to be working with you all."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this better than keeping track of our startups on a spreadsheet?
Even a small number of startups are difficult to keep track of effectively as they are constantly growing and changing. It’s often an uphill battle trying to get startups to respond back and without updates the data being tracked becomes less useful. What works best is allowing them to update along the way and also empowering your community to contribute. Our software is designed to make this possible.

I have started using another software to manage a database of startups. How is this different?
We have learned from universities that existing software has not solved the main pain points for entrepreneurship programs. Too much time is still required to first input and then update information because they were not originally built with entrepreneurship programs in mind. StartupTree was created and designed specifically to support the growth of university entrepreneurship programs – we take care of time-consuming but necessary work so you can focus more on the growth of your program.

What else can StartupTree do for me?
We believe taking care of the data tracking and management part for entrepreneurship programs is just the beginning. We’ve spoken to hundreds of schools and have listened closely to incorporate feedback into our product roadmap. Since then we’ve added Mentorship to handle everything from mentor requests, scheduling, to providing metrics to establish or grow your mentoring program. We’re focused on providing you with the essential tools to scale your efforts including broadcasting Events, sending Announcements to your entire eship community, providing access to Resources that can help your entrepreneurs launch their startups. There’s more in the works that we’re happy to share when we connect!

I have more questions!
We have more answers. Contact our support team and we'll get back to you to address your needs!

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StartupTree saves your staff up to two full work days every week by automating your most time consuming tasks. With StartupTree, you’re getting more than a software solution; consider us as an extension of your staff.

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